Unique People Have Unique Needs...

Tired of the same old strategies? Why do so many people welcome choice when it comes to picking out a new outfit, a new car or a brand of tooth paste? Yet, when it come to their finances a prevailing belief exists that only the same institutions, same traditional advice, same tired strategies and the same withered patterns will take care of their individual wealth and health needs.

We all have unique financial situations so how can we expect the same cookie-cutter strategies offered by the same old institutions to work for us? Hardy Financial Inc. provides you with a financial services experience that is researched, planned and executed to your unique financial situation.

Our Difference
We differ from other advisors and traditional advisory firms in that we don’t subscribe to the same old traditional and tired strategies still adopted by most advisors. Hardy Financial Inc. was formed to be a specialized provider of innovative wealth building strategies and financial products that will minimize taxes and other various erosion factors during both accumulation and into retirement.

Knowledgeable Approach
We don't believe any client should have a “hands-off” approach to investing or insurance, even in the care of seasoned industry professionals. We believe our clients should be informed and have a working understanding of their investments and insurance and, if required, changes to their financial plan every step of the way.

Our firm's methodology is designed to be a learning process, navigating personal and corporate clients through the complex world of investments, life insurance, critical illness & disability insurance while at the same time incorporating long-term strategies to minimize tax.

A Step Above
Our unique process goes a step beyond traditional needs planning and financial planning. We incorporate a revolutionary financial modeling process that seeks to protect your wealth from being eroded by various factors such as, income taxes, inflation, market fluctuations, claims from creditors, and other costs to name a few over your lifetime. This personal holistic approach puts control of the wealth and health protection process back into the hands of our clients.

A PLAN can only be called a PLAN if
it takes into account ALL of the contingenices in life.

Helping clients chart their course by ensuring their financial decisions in each of the following areas work in unison.