Harnessing the Power of Numbers.

As a leading Ontario based financial services brokerage firm we specialize in offering a wide variety of corporate business services for companies ranging in size from small to large in the following areas:

Group Life & Health Insurance
Hardy Financial Inc. provides employee benefits consulting, that is original, innovative and independent but still affordable. Our partner consultants provide advice to companies that range in size from small to very large including international organizations with Canadian subsidiaries.

• We can help you plan Employee Benefit packages that reflect your skills as a manager and concern for your employee’s welfare.

• We can tailor fit coverage to fit your small to large company needs.

• Whether the need is cost containment or a deluxe benefit package, once assessing your current group benefits package and company needs we will
        then be able to shop and survey the market for the best possible plan.

Group RRSP & Pension Plans

• To meet the needs of your employee’s retirement objectives we have strategic alliances with a number of major providers capable of providing your    small large size group with a full range of Professionally Managed Group Retirement Plans.

Key Person Protection

There are too many business owners who have not considered the adverse affects to the business if something unexpectedly happened to them or one of their important employees.

• Key Person Insurance is life, critical illness or disability insurance purchased by the company on the life of an owner, executive or employee whose loss would have adverse effects on the company.

• The purpose of key person insurance is to protect the company financially from adverse impacts if one of the key employees suddenly dies or becomes severely sick or disabled.

Buy/Sell Agreements

There are many more business owners out there who are part of a partnership with other owners either friends or family members, who are not prepared for unforeseen or unexpected events that are inevitable for instance - death or disability of a partner-owner.

• A Buy/Sell Agreement is a contract in which the owners of a business agree that if one of them dies, becomes disabled or critically ill, or leaves the business for any other reason, the other(s) shareholders or partners will purchase that owners interest in the business.

• To ensure the agreement is viable, proper funding must be available and in place. Without proper Buy-Sell Funding, agreements can fall apart resulting in major financial distress for the business.

• A way to ensure the Buy/Sell Agreement is properly funded is to purchase life, critical illness and disability insurance on the lives of each of the owners. The remaining owner(s) benefit from a funded agreement because the money is there in the event of something unforeseen happening to a business partner resulting in the business being able to continue.

Personal Advisory Services for Business Owners

In addition to working with companies in these areas, we also offer a personalized financial benefits program to the benefit and well being of individual owners and executives of companies.

What sets us apart is that we are a firm who specializes in working directly with company owners (and executives) on their individual planning needs. Such as:

• One-to-one personalized counseling

• A powerful trademarked process: The Wealth Cycle Solution™

• Ensuring there is cohesiveness between the owners business and the owner’s personal individual plan.